"It gives tranquility"

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting on NISA, Regional Hospital Silkeborg

Patients who have suffered a serious brain trauma needs security, assistance and quiet surroundings when they have to orient themselves in space and time. On the Neuro Intensive Step Down section (NISA) in the Regional Hospital Silkeborg, the Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting helps create the necessary stability during neuro rehabilitation, while the staff too experience a better working environment.

"We are very focused on creating the most effective neurological rehabilitation possible. Circadian Lighting greatly helps to create optimal conditions for both patients and staff. We find that patients get a sense of day and night, and they actually sleep better. it creates peace for the patients. The staff who work at night are pleased with the red-orange nightlight, they find it easier to fall asleep when they get home from night duty." Says Karen Meldgaard, Nurse.  

All department users are involved

Lightcare has asked all employees at the department about their attitudes and opinions to the light. There is a strong consensus that the light makes a difference. The majority responded that they, like the patients, also experienced improved sleep after night shifts. Several responded that it creates peace in the department and that the ability to control bedside lamps and ceiling lights individually is an advantage in the care situation. The staff expresses that lighting for ultrasound, scanning and monitoring clarifies details. When staff inserts venflon, the colored light helps to highlight veins. The staff says among other things:

"I generally feel much more relaxed and at ease. I have a clear impression that the patients sleep better" Esben Strait, Special Responsible Nurse

"It generally gives a better rhythm for our ICU patients, they have an easier time falling asleep at night. At night they sleep more consistently. I have many evening shifts and find that I have an easier time falling asleep when I get home from duty." Mette Hoff, Nurse

"It is easier to fall asleep when you come home from a night shift" Mette Rahr, Nurse

"It's wonderful to be able to create an evening atmosphere with the right lighting" Marit Haugaard, Nurse