The PULS fixture is the outcome of a Public/Private cooperation between Glostrup Hospital, PLH Architects/Henning Solfeldt and Lightcare. 

The bedside lamp was after the introduction on The Day of Light, mentioned in the tv-show New Science, see an excerpt of the show here (danish only).

In the autumn of 2013 the Service Centre at Rigshospitalet - Glostrup took the initiative to develop a bedside lamp with circadian light and inspection light. Region H funds were available to cover part of the development work and the purchase of 25 bed- and table lamps for department N35. The remaining funds would come from the relevant private partners through partial self-financing of own time and other development costs.

Today, the parties have a product that is designed for users and installed at Glostrup Hospital. The lamp has a unique functionality and can be set on circadian light for stimulating the patients circadian rhythm or on venflon- or inspection light for the staff.

The product has international potential and with wide application also caters for among others elder care and office environments.