Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting with therapy and boost function

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is custom-designed for the healthcare sector, with input from a broad cooperation of users and researchers in the field. The concept is based on the purpose, of creating healthier light in nursing homes and the healthcare sector. In cooperation with users, circadian- and sleep specialists have developed a concept that stabilizes the human biological clock. Full Dynamic Circadian Light uses all the colors in the color spectrum by combining RGBWW LED diodes (Red, Green, Blue, warm White, cold White and Amber). We are specialized in circadian- and kelwin change lighting solutions.

  • The intelligent light is programmed in a fixed rhythm. With soft and liquid variations in the color and intensity, we can create a light that stabilizes human's inner circadian rhythm.
  • In the morning the boost and therapy function helps to activate the body. From the morning the light gradually rises to high intensity and high color temperatures. It is proved that the blue colors of light helps to inhibit the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and stimulate the production of serotonin and cortisol. In short, the blue color light is there to heighten the body's energy and activity level in the beginning of, and during the day.
  • In the evening the custom evening and night light helps to create optimal conditions and prepare the body for a good night's sleep. By removing the blue colors of light and instead use a red - orange light into the evening it creates the optimal conditions for the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. The red - orange light meanwhile helps creating a secure and tranquil environment for residents and patients. The staff are experiencing a better circadian rhythm while undertaking night shifts and they find it easier to fall asleep after their shifts.
  • We cater to the individual needs of residents or staff, with fixed lighting scenarios such as calming-, activity or cleaning light. The fixed lighting scenarios are all based on actual experiences of users in healthcare.
  • The largest project in Denmark to date has just started in Silkeborg Municipality, where 120 nursing and dementia residences are currently being built.

At Lightcare we are specialized in circadian lighting for the healthcare-sector. With a lighting design that stabilizes the circadian rhythm and takes into account the individual needs of residents, patients and staff, we create a healthier light in nursing homes, hospitals and health care.

Full dynamic Circadian Light