The municipality of Albertslund entered in 2012 a OPI-project (public-private innovation-project) to make the right setting for the nursing home of the future. Read more about the OPI-project in this link.

The result of the OPI-project was that the new “Albertslund Care Center” was established with full dynamic circadian lighting in all corridors, common areas, and housing areas in the rehabilitation part “Alberts høj”.


The installation consists of luminaires entirely with full dynamic circadian lighting and customised light settings. Albertslund chose an extended solution with surface mounted luminaries, line luminaries, bed lamps, and for the bed/living room was chosen a therapeutic boost lamp measuring one meter in diameter. This therapeutic lamp makes it possible to boost light for depression and specifically Seasonal Affective Disorder by the basic lighting of the house.


The fully automatic full dynamic circadian lighting is validated by scientists and modified by the feedback from the employees. It includes scenarios for relaxing in the tv-room in a greenish tone as well as free-from-blue night light, so the residents maintain a stable circadian rhythm and sleep pattern, while the staff can do their evening and night tasks.


The solution was CARE-COMPLETE which includes: Tuneable white, red, green, and blue LED which among other things can make lighting scenarios varying from candle light to blue sky (1.200K-12.000K), therapy boost, calming sensory and snoezel scenarios by means of the 16,7 million colour combinations. It all comes with a user-friendly touchscreen universe with the possibility for operation and over-steering via press several places in the nursing home.









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