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LIGHTCARE is a lighting company which specialises in developing, programming and production of software and hardware to healthier light solutions. We have chosen to work with light that makes a difference in health and therefore we offer light that can be regulated manually or automatically according to specific work tasks, comfort, health and time

Our solutions can overall be divided into two main topics:


Circadian rhythm lighting

Full dynamic circadian lighting which automatically regulates the light during the day so it is in accordance with the needs that the sun during 200.000 years has encoded in the biology of the human being.


Healthcare lighting

Optimise the working conditions for staff by means of amongst other zoned working light. Relevant screen work, production, nursing situations, operations, scannings etc.

Common for the two main areas is that they can be done with different choice light sources. To make the choice of light sources and meaning of it a bit simpler for our customers we have divided our system and light sources into three packages.



Technical walk-through of the packages down below:



Our lighting solutions offer adjustment, which means that we usually occupy light sources with minimum two diodes, Cold White and Warm White, also called Tunable White. This solution we have collected in a CARE-package. CARE because you hereby look after our biological need for changing daylight throughout the day.



Expansion of the CARE package happens by adding another diode, so that the light source is built by diodes in sets of three, Cold White, Warm White and an Amber diode. With an Amber diode we can expand our product to also nurture our biology at night, because we can make a night light without white light that harms our sleep at night.



The ultimate form of nurturing our biological needs for lighting is this package where our CARE package with two diodes has been supplemented with three extra diodes so the light source now has five sets of diodes. The combination is Cold White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue diodes. With this combination we can – like in the CARE MORE package – make light at night without using white light. But beside this we can also make a simulated sunrise and sunset which is both pleasant and useful for our body's unconscious accepts of the circadian lighting. Other advantages by adding extra colours can increase the quality of light so the colour rendering is better and thereby we can see our environments optimal and according to their natural colours. By using five diodes we can put 16.7 million colour tones together, and this is useful in particularly when we make customised working light or special scenarios like e.g. calming or sensory stimulating. Therefor our Healthcare solutions are often CARE COMPLETE.


CARE package

CARE MORE package



CARE package:

Controlling: DMX and DALI8

Diodes: Tunable White

Ra: >90

Continuality spectrum 2700-6500 K.

The package is made for your needs uniquely.

Fixed price on installation and controlling is offered in co-operation with the local electrician.


Well-suited for circadian lighting




CARE MORE package:

Controlling: DMX

Diodes: ALL luminaires have CW-A Tunable White

ALL luminaires have Amber

Ra: >90

Night light without blue 1800 K.

Light commissioning process

Function test according to requirements specification

Education in the impact of light

Training in the right use of the system

Well-suited for circadian lighting


CARE package







Controlling: DMX

Diodes: ALL luminaires have CW-RGB (Tunable White + red, green and blue)

Opportunity for two extra diodes e.g. amber and royal blue

Ra: >97

Calibration of light settings

1.200-12.000K (from candle light to blue sky)

16,7 million colour tones available

Boost and calming lighting scenarios amongst others

Well-suited for circadian lighting

Well-suited for zoned ergonomic work light



CARE MORE package


CARE package





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The overriding purpose of the concept is CARE, which formS the basis of all our solutions and services


CARE pakken:

Styring: DMX og DALI8

Dioder: Tunable White

Ra: >90

Kontinuerligt spectrum 2700-6500 K.

Pakken skræddersyes til jeres unikke behov.

Fast pris på installation og styring tilbydes i samarbejde med den lokale El-installatør.

EN12464-1 og DCL branchevejledning.

Velegnet til døgnrytmelys (dagslysregulering)


CARE pakken



CARE MORE pakken:

Styring: DMX

Dioder: ALLE armaturer er udstyret med CW-A Tunable White

ALLE armaturer er udstyret med Amber

Ra: >90

Blåtfrit natlys 1800 K.


Funktionstest iht. kravspefikation

Undervisning omkring lysets effekt U/B

Træning i korrekt brug af systemet U/B

Velegnet til døgnrytmelys


CARE pakken

CARE MORE pakken







Styring: DMX

Dioder: ALLE armaturer er udstyret CW-RGB  (Tunable White + rød, grøn og blå)

Mulighed for to ekstra dioder f.eks. amber og royal blue

Ra: >97

Kalibrering af lysindstillinger

1.200-12.000K (fra starinlys til blå himmel)

16,7 mill. farvenuancer tilgængelig

Boost og beroligende lysscenarier m.v.

Velegnet til døgnrytmelys

Velegnet til zonet ergonomisk arbejdslys



CARE MORE pakken


CARE pakken