User Requested Healthcare Light in Laparoscopic Surgery Room

Today in the Laparoscopic Surgery Room in the Cardiac, Pulmonary Vascular Surgery Section of Aarhus University Hospital, the lighting is making a difference. The colored Healthcare light scenarios creates better working conditions for surgeons and nurses. For example, surgeons experience less fatigue when working in the green, customized and gentle laparoscopy light.

The anesthesia nurse specifically benefit from the targeted point illumination from the light above the bed, that by high color rendering creates optimal visual conditions for monitoring the patient.

The same along the walls, where the light makes the nurses' working conditions visible and minimizes the risk of errors.

At the department the following specially developed Healthcare Light scenarios can be chosen from the Karl Storz touch screen and the RFID touch panel, which is used when the touch screen is off.

-          Laparoscopy light is generally green with a focus on the visual comfort for the surgeon. The light is as discussed combined with a focused white light for the anesthesia nurse and orientation light for the regular nurse.

-          Surgery light is a cold white light with high color rendering made for open surgery, but is also of great use when the room has to be cleaned later.

-          The check-in light is a soothing, warm light that creates a feeling of safety and sets a pleasant mood during patient arrival and awakening.

-          On / Off

Light features in the laparoscopic room in Aarhus University Hospital are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the surgeon and consultant Henrik Vad and department nurse Annette Johnsen. Installation is carried out in collaboration with Morten K. Jensen, project manager at the engineering department and Rene Jørgensen from Karl Storz.

Similar solutions with customized Healthcare Light, is under construction in 26 wards in the New University Hospital Skejby and is already implemented in five operating rooms and the Intensive section at the Regional Hospital Silkeborg, Intensive section of Odense University Hospital and University Hospital Svendborg.

We have recreated a living room in a virtual universe, which you can read more about here, you are most welcome to contact us on tel .: 88 32 00 77 if you want a viewing.