Psychiatric Hospital Esbjerg 

The Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting implemented in Esbjerg Psychiatric Hospital consists of 101 patient rooms with central wards that acts as a control room in which the light can be controlled. Each control room can control the light in relation to each patient and their specific requirements. From here it is possible to switch between circadian light, emergency light and colored lights.

The Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is here to stimulate the staff and patients' circadian rhythm. While it creates better sleep in the night and well-being in the daytime, it also creates security for both staff and patients. The light is here to help minimize the risk of aggressive behavior and conflicts between patients and staff. Examples with Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting have shown that the staff finds it easier to fall asleep after evening- or night shifts compared to when working under regular white lighting conditions.

The fixtures in each room are secured in the ceiling so patients can not do harm to themselves or others during anxiety attacks.

The solution in Esbjerg is inspected by lighting designer Iben Winther Orton at Lightscapes.