The Largest Nordic Circadian Lighting Project

In the Municipality of Silkeborg, we started construction of Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting in 120 assisted living facilities and associated common- and staff areas. The project is the largest nordic care center with circadian lighting and is based on an innovative pilot project in cooperation with Silkeborg Municipality and similar innovative companies in the field.

The pilot project consisted of the construction of the "Future care-home" where several companies showed off their versions of innovative welfare technology for elderly care. Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting was here a part of the project with a light protocol stimulating the circadian rhythm, light for work-specific scenarios and emergency light with call function. The purpose was here to create a better solution that stimulates the elderly person's circadian rhythm, based on individual needs including any sleep problems and visual disabilities, with a wide range of products to create home-like, and quiet surroundings.

In relation to the project, Silkeborg Municipality with Else Marie Jensen(Senior Consultant for welfare technology), have made a video of the solution in the care home, where she talks about the Sensormatic emergency function:  


The fully automatic light protocol is boosting with the most effective wavelengths of light so the brain continues to produce "the happiness hormone" serotonin as research shows that it has an effect in relation to ex. Seasonal Affective Disorder and regulating our circadian rhythm. In the evening and at night the strength, wavelength and color temperature is regulated to make the body produce the vital "sleep hormone" melatonin, which is produced during proper and stable sleep.

The TV channels TV2 East Jutland and TV MidtVest has mentioned experimental dwelling in the media several times, as both have has visitors from the US and China with a focus on modern welfare technology for elderly care.

From TV2 Øst Jylland(Danish only).