DNU, Skejby

Research with mice and rats in Aarhus


Mice and rats move in. In connection with research of biomedical discoveries there are established stables for mice and rats with especially animal-friendly and work-related lighting in DNU, Skejby.


At the moment it is in 4 stables:

Building N1 - Building 64.03, plan 01, J101-113 – Animal stable

Building N2 - Building 63.01, plan 01, J119-162 – Animal storage

Building N2 - Building 63.01, plan 01, J119-136 – Animal storage

Building J17 - Plan 01, J117-110 - Animal stable







The control of the lighting is through LIGHTCARE OS which is a newly developed and ground-breaking software with the ability for the users to define and individualise the lighting by concrete needs. This breaks with former closed systems and is very good in the scientist´s world.


The installation consists of recessed luminaries LEDGO with full dynamic circadian lighting and customised light scenarios without the blue light, so it will not wake the animals, even if the research is done in different times of the day. Lightcare helped during the process to give advice to which scenarios and colour combinations scientists around the world have found suitable as well as unite it all in unique wishes and needs.








The full dynamic circadian lighting is adjusted the staff´s feedback. It includes scenarios as Orange-red evening and night lighting. Scenarios which gives less fatigue, headache, and which prevent reflections. The lighting is also used for boosting and simulate daylight scenarios in times wished.


 The solution was CARE-COMPLETE which includes: Tuneable white, red, green, and blue LED which among other things can make lighting scenarios varying from candle light to blue sky (1.200K-12.000K), therapy boost, calming sensory and snoezel scenarios by means of the 16,7 million colour combinations. It all comes with a user-friendly touchscreen universe.







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