Energinet, Fredericia

The world´s biggest full dynamic circadian pendant


Lightcare has done the impossible possible -together with Ramboll Architectural Lighting Design, Vladan Paunovic, senior engineer Mathias René Toft Rasmussen, and Enerignet´s construction engineer Arne Hartwigsen- in only 12 weeks a miracle has happened.

The world´s biggest full dynamic circadian pendant is now mounted in the control room in Energinet, Fredericia. With a length of 19 meters and a width of 5,6 meters we have conquered Guinness World of records. To make, deliver, and mount a luminaire exactly in the way it is described in only 12 weeks is nothing less than a miracle.

The responsibility, development, project engineering, and commissioning Lightcare did on its own. EVERYTHING in the lamp is Danish produced.

Not less than 102 people have been involved in design, construction, production, permissions, assembling, test, delivery, mounting, and installation of the world´s and specially constructed full dynamic circadian pendant.

The control of the lighting is through LIGHTCARE OS which is a newly developed and ground-breaking software with the ability for the users to define and individualise the lighting by concrete needs. This breaks with former closed systems.



  • By a miracle the impossible has been made possible in only 12 weeks
  • Project hours: quality and control documentation in total 1071 hours
  • Wiring 284 poles to connection of 174 PCBs in total 222 hours
  • Mounting hours for the assembling of the pendant at the factory in Horsens in total 420 hours
  • Mounting hours for the assembling of the pendant at Energinet in total 713 hours
  • Persons involved in the process in total 102
  • Amount of LEDS in total 44.992 pieces
  • Colour changing between 2700K-6500K Em≥300lx. Colour rendering: Rf≥92 og Rg=100 ±2. Lumen in total> 3000lm/m
  • The lighting change automatically in the evening and night to a light without blue wavelengths Em≥60lx.
  • Individual working light can be chosen by a 2700K downlight Em≥500lx. Colour rendering: Rf≥92 and Rg=100 ±2 UGR ≤16.
  • Light distribution angle: 45° for downlight and 65°for micro prismatic cover 120°



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