The Nursing Centre Klarahus, Copenhagen



The nursing home Klarahus has full dynamic circadian lighting from LIGHTCARE in corridors, common areas, offices, toilets, and housing in the dementia area.


The steering of the light is via Lightcare OS, which is a newly developed and breaking software with the possibility for the users to define and customise the light to their specific needs. This breaks with former closed systems.


The installation consists of architectonic surface mounted BaseCare lamps with full dynamic circadian lighting and customised light scenarios. During the process Lightcare helped in advising which scenarios and colour combinations researchers all around the world have found well-suited for dementia sections and what other nursing homes have found attractive as well as combining unique wishes and demands in the nursing home “Klarahus”.

The fully automatic full dynamic circadian lighting is validated by scientists and modified by the feedback from the employees.


The solution was CARE-MORE which includes: Tuneable white and amber light diodes, which can regulate the daylight and no-blue light for night time. Besides this there are also static scenarios like therapy boost, calming or activating scenarios.


In the homes there are via sensor technology established night light scenarios which work as wayfinding and nudging to the toilet. It has the possibility of being linked to a call system so that the sensor technology also can work as a warning of fall or walking at night to the staff.


It all comes with a user-friendly touch screen with the possibility for operation and over-steering via press several places in the nursing home and one in each home. Electrician installations by “Joost El”.









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