Children and young peoplE's psychiatric centre, Glostrup

Circadian Lighting and calming light scenarios


At the Children and Young People´s Psychiatric Centre, Glostrup LIGHTCARE has installed circadian lighting in the guard room, living room, corridors, common areas, and patients’ rooms.


The staff can control lighting from the guard-room. Here staff can control the light in patient rooms and can switch between Circadian Lighting and pilot light. In the wards the patients have access to on/off switches for the circadian light. If the patients have special requests for a coloured light that calms them, staff can set the colour for individual areas.


In the corridors the light is controlled automatically, the circadian rhythm is synchronized with the shift changes. The staff at night is seeing the orange/red light that stimulates their inner biological clocks.


The light in the psychiatric ward in Glostrup creates a better and calmer environment for patients and safer environments for the staff. The light helps to reduce the level of conflict between patients and staff and dampens aggressive behaviour and anxiety cases. The calming scenario that is used is greenish and works both calming as well as a pain relief. It is a result of research which all the time finds new importance in the light´s many tones.


The luminaires are done by Hareskov Electic A/S









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