Flexible and customized future lighting solutions

The future possibilities for LIGHTCARE solutions are many, through flexible and customized solutions circadian rhythm light control and theraphy light are especially relevant for people spending most of the day indoor, whether it’s in schools, institutions, offices or in the middle of the North Sea.


Industrial environments

We are able to deliver tested plug and play systems if it´s down under in Australia or if it´s in the middle of the North Sea – we just successfully care for the day and night shift workers at the Gorm oil rig operated by Maersk oil and placed in the North Sea. The solution provided here consist of circadian light control systems for workers in control rooms with a back-up unit ensuring that the system is running efficiently.

LUMINEX LIGHTCARE solutions are relevant in several circumstances, whether it is in the medicinal industry with specific technical lighting demands where technical details in a chemical process or industrial production facilities with requirements to specific colored light affecting the productivity in a production positively. LIGHTCARE solutions can increase the job satisfaction and minimize absence of employee, it can increased productivity and efficiency and result in energy savings.


Schools and institutions

Within schools and institutions LIGHTCARE solutions can result in positive effect on students who can benefit from a light intensive boost in the morning increasing their energy and learning capabilities through the day. Students being educated under special conditions can have value through a calm and comfortable colored green, blue or orange light which can be adjusted to their individual needs.