Circadian rythms and therapy light in safe surroundings

Both citizens and staff staying at the day departments of psychiatric institutions are experiencing significant benefits from LUMINEX LIGHTCARE's dynamic LED lighting solution. Circadian rhythm supportive light is adjusted automatically and unobtrusively from morning to late evening and strengthens sensitive citizens’ moods positively. Also sleep patterns and general well-being is seen strengthened significantly. In addition encouraged staff job satisfaction, efficiency and general health which may reduce absenteeism remarkable.

Hospitalized citizens with a variety of diagnoses react positively to these custom colored lights. The staff's ability to manually set the favorable I.E. calming or stimulating light in the department or rooms, have shown surprisingly good results. 

Secured lighting fixtures 

Light must here be seen not as a treatment but as a comfort source, which in itself can result in better functioning citizens. Often it is enough to talk to the client about favorite colors and preferences then the lighting can be finely tuned empirically.

The blue colors are often invigorating, reduces sleep impulses and promotes desire for activities. Red shades calm and relax and can reduce aggression and anxiety. Magenta highlights contrasts and works favorably for handiworks, and some just really likes green or purple.

Lighting fixtures from LUMINEX LIGHTCARE are secured making sure that citizens or patients cannot harm themselfes from agression or anxiety.