Human centric lighting for citizens and personal

The circadian light in each departments and common areas creates a calm and comfortable light that minimizes the risk of aggressive behavior of patients. Light must here be seen not as a treatment but as a comfort source, which in itself can result in better functioning patients. 

The blue colors are often invigorating, reduces sleep impulses and promotes desire for activities. Red shades calm and relax and can reduce aggression and anxiety. Magenta highlights contrasts and works favorably in handiworks, and some just really likes green or purple. 

LIGHTCARE solutions have different benefits within the psychiatry:

  • It regulates the circadian rhythm of patients
  • Reduces conflict and aggressive behaviour
  • Lower the stress level of patients
  • Positive effect between patients and deescalate conflict level
  • Positive impact on patients normalization
  • Decrease the opportunity for conflict between staff and patients